The intelligent solution for portable communication that features more than 14,000 phrases for all common situations. LingvoSoft PhraseBook provides instant bidirectional translation of thousands of practical and useful phrases. It replaces bulky and inconvenient books and expensive personal interpreters to make communicating simple and effective. The PhraseBook is a component of LingvoSoft Suite, which also combines a Dictionary and the FlashCards learning application. As part of the Suite, it delivers an unsurpassed level of integration across the entire platform. Features 15 easily navigated topic-areas, a choice of 5 display languages, advanced speech recognition for hands-free navigation, and a responsive virtual keyboard. Complete integration with LingvoSoft FlashCards 2008 and Dictionary 2008 applications lets you continuously expand PhraseBook functionality. Topic Areas Everyday Conversation, Traveling, Local transport, Driving, Hotel, Restaurant, Shopping, Post Office, Telephone, Bank, Sightseeing, Health, Beauty salon, Sport, Housekeeper LingvoSoft PhraseBook 2008 for Pocket PC features: Linguistic 14,000 indispensable phrases in 15 topic areas with several options per phrase English Grammar and language information included for about 40 languages Interface Advanced Speech Recognition for navigation and learning game Customizable interface with choice of display language and installation options Quick search by first letters of key words Superior keyboard layout for better language specific character input The ‘All topics’ section displays every single phrase contained in the PhraseBook Integration Complete integration between all LingvoSoft Suite components including Dictionary, FlashCards, PhraseBook, Picture Dictionary and Text Translator. Select, copy and export words to other applications simply end easily.