No more telling, nagging or trying to educate your children to spend less time on the home computer. No siblings? arguments, just relax and let Fred take control. AlaTimer lets you restrict each child (Windows user) to a daily number of minutes and to set a start and end time for computer and Internet use. A one minute warning will pop-up and then AlaTimer will force a logoff, shutdown or restart the computer. Mouse hover over Fred?s icon and a short message pops-up showing how long you have spent using the computer and how many more minutes are left, for the day. Click the mouse left button and the computer and Internet schedule pops up. AlaTimer may be run in stealth mode and can also record all Internet activity (visited web-sites) using all popular web=browsers. The Internet activity daily log files are encrypted and readable only with password protected, AlaFredy. AlaFredy is a license free tool that configures AlaTimer. With AlaFredy, a computer Administrator can read, display and/or modify all AlaTimer settings, over a (home) network, from any of the network computers. So, with AlaTimer installed on multiple computers, AlaFredy will control them all, from any remote location, as long as you are connected to the network and have Administrator's rights. Each time you attempt to modify the setup using AlaFredy, you will be required to enter a password. The default password is: "password". You may change the password as often as needed, but please ensure you remember it. If you have decided that a user requires more or less computer time, or that the Computer or Internet use schedules must change, simply run AlaFredy, on your own computer and apply any modification, as needed. Evaluate AlaTimer absolutely free, for 30 days. License is per computer but there is no limit to the number of Windows users. Register with PayPal using a bank account, debit or credit card. AlaTimer was written for you and remember: "Fred Flintstone loves your kids!"