Stellar Phoenix Novell (NSS) is a smart and effective solution to perform complete recovery of data from any corrupt SS file system based hard disk, pool, or volume. The software can work with any type of hard disk drive (including IDE, EIDE, and SCSI) and carry out a safe NSS file recovery. The interface of the tool incorporates a number of easy-to-use options to make sure recovery takes minimum effort on the part of the user. With Stellar Phoenix Novell (NSS), you can quickly recover your precious data lost to virus infection, hardware glitches, software malfunction, and accidental deletion. The software has a knack of efficiently dealing critical cases of data loss, including corrupt/missing/segmented volumes, partition loss, allocation errors etc. With its non-destructive approach, the utility promises to keep your volume data absolutely intact. With the help of advanced masking techniques, you can narrow down the output received after scanning the corrupt media and perform selective file recovery. Further, you can search the desired files in the list of scanned items easily using the 'Find' feature on the application toolbar. Using this phenomenal tool, you can also perform a signature-based recovery by specifying the desired file types to recover prior to scanning. The utility offers a unique functionality 'Resume Recovery'. With this feature, you can perform the entire recovery in two phases conveniently.Stellar Phoenix Novell (NSS) perform NSS recovery on Windows platform. The software allows saving the recovered data to a local volume or to any FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. When restoring files to an FTP server, you should specify the Server Name/IP Address, Username and Password. The software also provides bonus utilities, such as Imaging and Cloning. Using the cloning feature, you can create an exact replica of your hard drive. With the help of Imaging, you can take snapshots of your hard drive or logical volumes on the drive.