Health Profiles organizes health and medical information in one place. The data is always at your fingertips, ready to review or print. Print data for your doctor, health care professional, care taker or family member who may need it. As an option, your profile can be password protected, uploaded and stored on our secure website (in PDF format) for viewing or retrieval from any location with internet access like your doctor's office, an emergency room or hospital. Accurate health information is a critical component to better health care. Take charge of your own information. You can be the provider of accurate and timely medical information. Health Profiles is a comprehensive and flexible program, some sections may not apply to your health profile. Complete the sections of the profile that fit your health status. Once completed, you will only need to update data as it occurs. Then you will have a continuing history of your health. Data can be securely sent to doctors for direct input to their computers. Easy To Use and Comprehensive: Keep health profiles for yourself and/or family members or those you care for. Keep an unlimited number of profiles. Keep doctor?s and pharmacy phone numbers Keep emergency contact information. Keep health plan information. Track recent doctor's appointments Track special medical equipment used. List drug, food and other allergies List immunizations. Track prescriptions and over-the-counter vitamins and/or supplements Use the new Medicine Manager to manage current prescriptions Record date, time and activity associated with blood pressure and/or blood glucose readings Monitor symptoms and pain events Track laboratory tests Keeps your family history Track surgeries Track expenses Personal Medical Journal included. Keep important records on our secure websitie for Internet access from any location connected to the Internet. Keep important information in one place easy to view, retrieve, print.