The BMS is a Windows based multi zone music and announcement system for retail stores, casinos, hotels and any other business requiring in-store background music and messaging systems. Featuring intelligent music mixing and delivery according to set rotation rates, day part scheduling, zoning and pre-recorded or live announcements and more. It is an affordable solution for delivering digital audio for your businesses needs. The BMS features: * Automatic music selection and mixing according to set rotation rates and day-part scheduling. * Auto-playing optional recorded announcements at set times or at specified intervals in addition to manual user-play announcements. * Optional microphone connection with automatic music fade when plays or microphone page is activated. * Date, time and day of week music track and announcement validity checking. * Automatic time of day volume changes . * Optional password protection when you need to restrict access some functions. * Adjustable music / announcement volume balance * Digital signal processor includes a dynamic range compressor and an active EQ for great quality sound. * Supports most wav file formats and mp3. * Automatically load ("rip") tracks from CD. * Supports online music subscriptions to automatically download new music About NCH Software: BMS is free for non-commercial use. Professional and User editions are available from NCH Software. About NCH Software: NCH Software is a leader in audio, video, music, mp3, cd, dvd, telephony, dictation, transcription, business, and computer utility software for Windows, Palm, Pocket PC and Mac OS X. NCH has released over 80 products since 1993 and have received many awards for software excellence. Download Software for DJ, broadcast, stream, record, edit, convert, burn, mix, split, tag, rip and play audio files for wav, mp3, and other popular file formats.