MaheshaOpenBSD Server has the same functionality (and license) as MaheshaBSD Server (FreeBSD) - a fully functional demo that never expires. It comes as a bootable USB image and users may use its FTP/WordPress server immediately just by logging in (blogging can't be easier). The advantage of running a WordPress server on a USB flash drive is portability - you may start the server with the same files after you moved to a different location in the world. If you have a Facebook account, nothing can be easier than putting a link to your home server (it is not easy to share tons of files on the Internet, as FTP storage is always costly). MaheshaOpenBSD Server differs from MaheshaBSD Server especially in its more secure feel. The USB memory stick is writable; phpMyAdmin is installed, too. If you need a larger FTP storage, all you need is just to mount another disk to /home/vsftpd/ftp directory. Users can easily install packages, or use MaheshaOpenBSD Server for anything they wish (testing, home server, SSH server, DNS server, Intranet server, mail server, Unix education, etc.). To listen to MP3 files over the network, you must first convert them to the MP4 format (the same applies to videos). You must have, too, Adobe Flash installed on the system from which you will access MaheshaOpenBSD Server over network.