A fun educational game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that helps musicians learn the notes on the fretboard of their instrument. Supports a variety of standard and alternate string tunings: guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, mandolin. Or define your own custom tunings! Training mode allows to focus learning on particular parts of the fretboard, and even focus on individual strings. Game mode provides a fun way to make progress. Work your way through levels of increasing difficulty! Train your ear at the same time as you improve your working knowledge of the instrument. Display notes as letters (A, B, C...) or solfege syllables (Do, Re, Mi...). Left-handed and right-handed neck types. Realistic sounds and ability to play the entire fretboard with the touch interface. Smart learning: the app determines your weaknesses and automatically focuses the training where needed. Advanced tracking of your progress, with detailed statistics for every single fret. Integration with Facebook and Game Center. Show off your mastery and rank with your friends!