PerfectBrain - a program to read, practice speed reading skills, the development of memory, attention and intelligence through a system of exercises. Includes features full versions PerfectRead and PerfectIntell, namely: While reading: ? Reading texts ? Coaching skills speed reading ? Save settings for each file read ? Automatic creation of text files from the clipboard ? Save copies of all the files in the archive directory ? Auto speed paging while reading ? Seven levels of training skills, speed reading ? Evaluation of speed reading on a 5-parameters     - The field of view     - Average speed reading     - Continuous reading     - Rhythm Reading     - The number of pages read again ? Collection, processing, displaying detailed statistics reading speed reading training In the exercise: ? More than 80 exercises that provide:     - Training of attention     - Training of logical thinking     - Memory training     - Training of arithmetic abilities     - Training of intuition     - Training of field extension     - Training skills to highlight key information     - Collection and processing of statistical exercises ? Seven levels of passage exercises ? Evaluation of the exercises on the 7-parameters     - The field of view     - Average speed of decision making     - Rhythm perform     - The total number of analyzed information     - The percentage covered in Exercise     - The number of errors made     - The level of performance ? Collection, processing, displaying detailed statistics exercises General features: ? The automatic paging with the 5 parameters: - Speed - Rhythm - Acceleration - Deviation - Timer ? Flexible display graphs ? Support for up to 5 users ? Background music major events ? Sound metronome rhythm for maximum