Automatically detect & delete all the blank pages from Adobe pdf documents using pdf page remover software, analyze every pixels of page for detection of white and black pixels, generate backup & report of deleted pages . Program is Windows 8 ready, works perfectly on Windows XP, Vista & 7 operating system. User can define the area on page for analysis, and can set to delete page if this portion of page is blank. Tool extracts out all the blank pages and save them in a separate defined directory. In addition to this, you are provided with the option to remove your own custom defined pages like 2, 5, 12-17, 35?etc. Pdf page remover software is very convenient and affordable solution for home users as well as corporate works. It does not require extra technical skill to operate the tool. Pdf blank page detection program is fast in download and installation, takes very less space on disk. This robust and awesome Windows tool is very helpful in a situation when there are thousands of pages inside your pdf file and it is difficult to find and remove each blank page manually.