SharpSearcher 2006 is a new style data miner resource tool. With SharpSearcher you can easy interrogate multiple website search pages simultaneously, with the results displayed in an easy to use Windows GUI. Once searched for, results can be clicked on to open the original webpage in a new Web Browser. The SharpSearcher Interface can be closed to the task bar, where it will reside until required. Simply left click the icon in the traybar or right click to open the Instant Search Menus. SharpSearcher uses a unique Plugin Architecture allowing new resources to be extended into the system as the become available. Use the SharpSearcher preferences page indicated by the Spanner Icon to include or exclude different websites from your searches. Set different transparency levels for the SharpSearcher window, or change it to Top Most Window so that it can seemlessly integrate with your windows environment. Using Sharpsearcher you can gain access to the real data, first hand, rather than going through a third party like Google or Yahoo Search Engines allowing searches. This means data collation becomes faster, more focused and targeted avoiding sifting through lots of unrelated search results. Enjoy, SharpSearcher 2006 which is free to use.