HP used to sell a cartridge font-based barcode solution called ?Bar codes & More?. The cartridge contains several PCL bitmap fonts to print barcodes such as Code 3 of 9, UPC and USPS. The new printer models no longer carry this package. This leaves many customers in dilemma: they have to either rewrite their applications at the time of a printer upgrade, or keep the old slow printer. Considering the demands for a compatible solution so the original programs can continue to run without interruption or code rewriting, Morovia has developed a soft-font based solution. The fonts have the identical characteristics as the HP package, yet they are independently developed by Morovia and Morovia holds the Intellectual Property rights to the product. After the soft fonts are downloaded and made permanent in your printer, your application continues as if the original HP cartridge is installed. To enjoy the benefits you must have a PCL-compatible printer. Most HP laser printers meet the requirements. If you are not sure about the compatibility of your printer model, check with the manufacturer. The Font Kit contains the following soft fonts: Font File Name Font Characteristics mrvcode39_legacy_8pitch.sfp Code 3 of 9, 8.11 pitch, 300 dpi mrvcode39_legacy_4pitch.sfp Code 3 of 9, 4.69 pitch, 300 dpi mrvupc_legacy_10mil.sfp UPC-A, 10 mils in X dimension mrvupc_legacy_13mil.sfp UPC-A, 13 mils in X dimension mrvpostnet.sfp US Postnet address barcode mrvocra.sfp OCR-A, 12 points, 300 dpi, 10 pitch mrvocrb.sfp OCR-B, 12 points, 300 dpi, 10 pitch Test files and documentation are also included in the package. A sample print can be obtained by running the sample.bat under the DOS command prompt.