Application Launchpad XP allows the user to quickly launch Applications, reducing the need to use the Windows Start Menu. Minimal mouse clicks to run an Application - Launch your favorite applications without searching through the windows start menu or desktop shortcuts, just click on the launchpad Icon for the application you want. Add new programs by Drag and Drop - simply drag and drop any files, applications or windows shortcuts onto Application launchpad. Search Key areas of your computer for Applications to add to the launcher. Provides easy access to the Windows Quick Launch Toolbar, Start Menu and Desktop. Browse other directories on your computer for items to add. Windows user accounts - Maintains separate lists for each Windows user account, enabling each user to have their own Launchpad setup. Organize Applications by Category - Items added to Application Launchpad are placed in categories (pages), upto 20 Categories can be added each containing 10 launch items. A simple mouse click switches between displayed categories. Minimize to system tray on program launch - can be set to minimize to the system tray when an item is launched, just click on programs system tray icon or use the defined ?system hot key? to reactivate Application launchpad. Screen edge docking - can be placed anywhere on the Windows Desktop and will automatically dock to the screen edge if dragged within range. Remove the clutter of multiple Desktop Shortcuts providing a clean quick approach to launching your Applications.