NZB client software for downloading files from Usenet newsgroups. The program can download from multiple servers using multiple connections to each server. The program can automatically process PAR files and extract files from RAR archives. The program can verify downloaded files via SFV. The program contains a Usenet server test window for debugging connection problems. The program runs on both Windows and Macintosh. You can load in multiple NZB files, and set the program to download many gigabytes over many days. You can load in NZB files one at a time, several at a time, or entire folders of NZBs at one time. The program has many options for processing files after they have been downloaded: you can tell it to process PARs, process RARs, and move files to various locations. The program has sophisticated error handling for when your news server goes off-line, has to reboot, etc. The program will patiently wait for the server to resume sending data.