Russian Phonetic Keyboard Layout allows you to type in Russian in the same way as you do when typing in English, without having to learn the default Typewriter Layout coming with the system. Russian Phonetic Layout works ONLY with Windows 2000 and higher (XP, Vista, 7, Server Systems). Both 32 and 64 bit systems are supported. Installing: 1. Download ZIP file to your machine. 2. Extract all its files into any folder and run setup.exe file. 3. Open your Language Bar Settings*, select Russian if it is already displayed in your Language Bar, otherwise click 'Add' button and select Russian from 'Input Language' Section. 4. Select 'Russian (Phonetic)' Keyboard Layout for 'Russian' and Press OK. 5. Restart your system if required. IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR VISTA USERS: You need to temporary DISABLE UAC (User Account Control) when installing the layout!