PC monitoring tool is an apt solution to track internet and non-internet activities of employees. It allows you to monitor employees of an IT workstation with Viewer and Agent setup files. Viewer file needs to be installed on Administrator system that gets information on employee desktop activities through agent setup file. Employee Desktop Live Viewer can record both online and offline desktop activities of a computer network. It also record desktop activities of the employee in AVI file format. This PC monitoring tool also lets administrator to send notification messages on targeted employee desktops also known as agents. It can also perform several tasks on employee desktops from viewer system such as removing wallpaper, locking computer screen or shutting down Windows. Employee Desktop Live Viewer is devised for monitoring and recording user activities in stealth modes and does not let users to know about their desktop monitoring. It helps the company managers to administer such employees who are using office computers for unofficial activities. You can assess the functions of PC monitoring tool absolutely free for seven days. After seven days, the free version will stop functioning and therefore, you would require the licensed version of software for further use. For more information visit: www.pcmonitoring-software.com