ShellObjects ActiveX is a set of components brings a variety of powerful shell functionality to your app. The ShellPopupNotification displays multiple MSN/Office2003 style popups with slide and fade animations and complete customization and behavior control. ShellAppBar allows you to create Quick Launch-like appbars with drag-docking and auto-hide functionality. ShellNotifyIcon adds icons to the shell tray notification area with advanced features such as XP balloon style infotips, animated icons and automatic context menus. ShellLink creates and manipulates shortcut (*.lnk) files from your applications. UrlLink creates and manipulates internet shortcut (*. ShellAppBar Quickly and easily convert your forms into application desktop toolbars. Dock appbars to any screen edge or leave undocked. Complete support for animated autohide functionality when appbar is not in user, appbar resizing when docked, drag-docking of appbars. ShellPopupNotification Displays multiple popups in MSN or Office2003. Multiple popups are automatically arranged on the screen customizing the arrangement origin and direction. Popups can be -displayed with complete customization of animation properties and various slide styles. -shown at programmer-defined locations on the screen with/without close button and an options button with contextmenu when the options button is clicked. -be dragged around in Office2003 style by the gripper bar. ShellNotifyIcon Displays icons in the shell tray notification area. Supports animation with complete control over the animation properties. Display a context menu when the icon is clicked or right-clicked. Display style infotips when the icon is added to the system tray. Displays a tooltip when the mouse moves over the icon. ShellLink and UrlLink Allows applications to read, modify and create new shortcut/ shellinks (*.lnk files) and internet shortcuts (*.url files) through a simple set of properties and methods respectively.