Are you tired of complicated and expensive software that have too many settings to configure before you can produce a nice looking PDF from your Excel® files? Easy Excel to PDF lets you convert Microsoft® Excel® Workbooks, individual Excel® Sheets and the selected ranges to PDF documents with a few simple clicks. This Add-in for Excel® gets embedded into your Excel® so do not need to launch any other windows based software. The Add-in works with the Active Workbook of you Excel® Application and all you need to do is to browse to the location where you like the PDF files to be generated. The software automatically works out the PDF files names, the margins of the PDF files, the alignments, the orientation etc as per the content of your Excel® Workbook. This add-in comes with a 15 day free trial for the functionality so so can try before you buy the software. Also, because the objective of things here is to make things easy, this addin is very reasonably priced so its easy on your pocket as well. Also, you can check for regular updates through the software itself and all new updates will be automatically updated. Please note that this application works with all versions of Excel® including Excel® 2010. The conversion happens only with .XLS files, however the software assists you to save your files to .XLS extensions before producing PDFs. Features: * Full font and text formatting: colors, face, size, bold, italic, underline, strike, superscript, subscript * Export of spreadsheets with borders to PDF table preserving colors, line type and background * Hyperlinks and ancors * Special characters * Multiple worksheets * Various cell types: strings, numbers, dates, floating point * Merged cells, row and cell width and height * Formulas * XLS files protected by password * Export Excels files and streams to PDF files and streams