DevExtras Print Screen is a simple yet advanced screen capture and image editing tool. The screen can be captured using any of the following capture methods: * Capture the entire screen * Capture the active window * Select a window on screen with the mouse to capture * Select a region on screen with the mouse to capture * Copy the contents of the clipboard The capture can then be edited in a fully functional image editor and once edited supports the following actions: * Copy to clipboard * Send to printer * Send as email attachment * Save as (supports 8 different file formats) o Bitmap o Emf o Exif o Gif o Jpeg o Png o Tiff o Wmf Other features include * Mouse cursor capture * On screen help to assist with captures * Magnifier window and cursor position information for the perfect capture * Automatic corner clipping of captured windows * Drop shadows * Capture of multiple windows * Windows 7 interface for Vista/Windows 7 users * Black and white image effect * Pixelation of areas to obfuscate sensitive information