UcMapi Outlook Attachment Explore includes Attachment Explore and Attachment Batch Extractor. Attachment Explore is a windows file explore liked tool which can help you browse and manage all attachments from your mailbox. With this tool, you can save, compress or view one or multiple attachments to special location by check different tree nodes. Attachment Batch Extractor is a another tool to export all attachments from a folder or multiple folders at the same time. With this tool, you need not save attachment one by one or search the message which contains it. You can export all attachments and chooses what you need at the target folder. With this tool, you can also backup useful attachments to a common disk folder so you can share them with your friends. 1. Why use Attachment Explore? All-in-one Manage and explore attachments for Microsoft Outlook 2010(32bit), 2007 and 2003. Attachment Explore is a easily used tool to help you explore/browse all attachments from your mailbox like windows explore. With this tool, you can save, resolve or restore one or multiple attachments to or from special location by check different tree nodes. 2. Easy to extract your attachments Choose the folders you want to extract attachments from and select the target folder. You can extract all attachments from the source folders by one-click operation. 3. All-in-one setting & diagnosis center Attachment Explore features a powerful setting and diagnosis center; here you can configure your settings and diagnosis or fix some common issues at one time. 4. Useful context menu Right-click on the explore view to manage attachment easily. Note that the context menu also contains some of the common features for attachment, such as: Save, Save to a folder, Compress, delete and others.