Finding the total value of silver in your silver coin collection is easier than ever with the CoinTicker Silver Coin Melt Calculator Desktop Software. Silver coin collecting novices and professionals alike will find CoinTicker a must have tool for tracking their silver coin inventory. Using the spot price, which is updated every minute, CoinTicker calculates the value of silver content within your silver coin collection based on their type (nickel, dime, quarter, etc.) and how many of each type silver coin in your collection. You can also change the silver spot price to research or speculate - and it's completely accurate! Some of the key features of CoinTicker: * Silver spot price updated every minute. * Change silver spot price for 'what if's'. * Newest Feature - Detailed historical descriptions of each silver coin. * Keep an inventory for all your silver coin counts and then save this data for future use. Keep an updated list on what your silver collection is worth. * Newest Feature - Images of both obverse and now reverse of each silver coin with a pop-up window for more detail. *Newest Feature - Now track silver spot prices with a 30 day history and an intraday graph. *Newest Feature - Add general silver pieces with running log * Includes Previous Close, Last Bid, and Last Asking Price for spot silver. * Dynamically updates whenever a change is made by you or the updated silver spot price. * Calculates total silver weight in troy ounces and grams for individual coins as well as a grand total. * Calculates a total number of coins. * Inventory, track and calculate both U.S. and Canadian silver coins in your collection. If you buy/sell silver coins every day or just occasionally, the CoinTicker Silver Coin Melt Calculator will assist you in getting maximum return on your silver coin collecting investments.