MDE Compiler it's a useful software utility for Access developers that allows you to create an EXE file from your MDE application, it will let you specify an icon file and the file version information such as company, description and program version. It works as a MDE exe packer, once the application is started it will extract the MDE file into a temp folder and call the MS Access application with the MDE file as parameter, when the application is terminated it will update the exe file with last changes. MDE Compiler allows you to.. * Specify MDE or MDB file * Specify icon image * Specify bitmap image (this use useful to replace MS Access startup logo) * Specify run command and command line parameters * Specify custom exe file version information * Disable MS Access security alterts via Windows Registry * Generate a fully customized EXE binary file * EXE auto-updater enabled! Requeriments * MS Access or MS Access runtime pre-installed OS Compatibility * Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 , 2000, 2003 and 2008