Budget In Brief is the tool for Budget Analysts and Enterprise Solution Integrators. It is built with the goal of allowing budget analysts and enterprise solution integrators to create, manipulate budget data. It automates the production of budget documents, greatly improving the time-intensive process; provides a solution to combine financial information, exhibits, reports, and narratives in to final book that is ready for publication Budget In Brief enhances the current budget formulation and publication process, with an automated, standardized, and repeatable process, suitable for any kind of budget submissions. It drives a consistent look and feel across all organization budget submissions, and flexibly adapts to the latest organizational standards. For a Federal, State, Municipal or commercial organization, the Budget In Brief application will support budget formulation for Presidential, Congressional, or any other internal submission. The user interface is simple, friendly and robust; it provides all required information in one window, and was created with the focus on 508 compliance requirements. Simplified installation process does not require administrative privileges. Budget In Brief does not need Microsoft Office to produce documents. The command line tools do not require any human response, and are designed for server automation. Application is scalable and fast. It performs flawlessly whether on a user laptop, single server or on a load balanced web farm powering an enterprise wide application. Major Features - Document processing automation - Full budged book processing cycle - Numbers in Narratives - Automatic documents merging - Does not require Microsoft Office - References and data integrity - Supports document templates - Table of contents - Error and process reporting - Ability to add watermarks - UI and Command Line Tool - Extract Charts from exces - Supported document formats, DOC DOCX, RFT, HTML, HTML O