NSp_GrabStudio is a professional screen shot - and/or screen capture - program. A screen magnifying glass with control buttons allows the pixel-exact cutting out of the objects. Beside the whole desktop or individual window also arbitrary sections (rectangle, roundrect, ellipse, freehand) of the screen can be caught. A bitmap can be won after a previously determined period of time or a key combination. Or it is chosen from a list of windows and objects. Already before the catching and/or before the establishing the bitmap is determined the design. Beside the kind of the object to be caught values can e.g. like size, form, border-thickness and -color for the clipping objects are defined. Reflect, turn, increasing and reducing of pictures is possible. NSp_GrabStudio can save a bitmap in different formats as file, also as ICON and CURSOR. Print is supported with preview and picture positioning. The program is applicable likewise as color-picker. The program is applicable likewise as color-picker. Furthermore can be measured screen objects and/or pixel differences simply.