This detailed course shows you how build a Cash Flow Valuation Model using Excel and Yahoo! Finance data. You are taught in detail how to build a Discounted Cash Flow Model using Yahoo! Finance fundamental stock data. The course also shows you how to import cash flow data automatically into Excel from Yahoo! Finance using a Web Query. The Course is delivered in HTML format for easy viewing on a web browser, and includes all formulas, worksheet structures, screenshots, images, and in-depth financial descriptions behind every component to enable you to model and value a public company's cash flows. This model can be used for any public company available on Yahoo! Finance and any currency. It's truly a fantastic value! What You Get: A TREMENDOUS 4-IN-1 VALUE! - An Course showing you how to build and operate the model PLUS Further Resources to do your own research - Detailed instructions on building the Discounted Cash Flow Model in in Excel - Instructions on how to import Cash Flow data from Yahoo! Finance into Excel automatically for your favorite stocks - Lifelong access to the course materials! Benefits - Learn to integrate Excel and Yahoo! Finance automatically into a highly useful public company valuation tool - Acquire unique knowledge for any Excel modeling project - Save money by eliminating data costs- Replicate the Model to enable valuation of multiple stocks at once - Automatically import quarterly Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement and Balance Sheet data directly from Yahoo! Finance - Find out about other key resources for extending the model, calculating discount factors, valuing companies, increasing your Excel knowledge, and accessing other FREE Excel tools on the Internet Technical Requirements - MS Excel for Windows - 5.4Mb disk space for course materials (detailed instructions and images) - An Internet connection - Internet Explorer or other Internet browser - FREE WinZip software (to unzip the files once you download them)