Cocktail parties, seminars, meetings? we have various parties with the requirement of lottery game for fun. The traditional ball game is not only troublesome but also boring. Are you still looking for proper lottery game software? Now you have Bingo Game-Lottery for parties, the right one for your specification. This latest entertainment software by Freeman Software is newly designed for lottery games of various parties and meetings, running on Windows platform from Win 2000 to Win 7. The main specialties are: 1. Easy to use: Support games within 100,000 participators pool. You just need to configure the lottery type and participators, the operation is easy and convenient; 2. Various multi-media effects: Melodious background music imbedded with animation and music drawing effects combined. Support to display winners' portrait on the screen. 3. Flexible interface: Support both import participators from and export winners? list to Microsoft Excel Sheets. 4. Fairness and new features: Two options of lottery algorithms with various statistic guidelines like winning odds to assist you choosing the proper game algorithm. Live game simulation function is set to demonstrate all participators the fairness of the game. Support red list designated winner function in addition. 5. Powerful configure functions: Support one-click/multi-winners function. The number of winners displayed in one screen is also configurable. All fonts, background images, music and effects can be set to users? favorites. 6. Universality: Support to run at different Windows platforms. Support to fit the screen size and resolution automatically.