When your MDF file has been corrupted and you are searching advanced and latest technology to repair SQL server database simply, then user should try SQL database recovery tool which is the perfect solution that can easily repair SQL Server database very quickly without facing any trouble. Tool is developed with simple Graphical User Interface that helps to repair corrupt SQL Server database into healthy SQL Server and into script file of SQL Server. Application gives the option to select SQL Server version of MDF file automatically. Data is recovered from tables (with constraints like primary, unique or foreign key), rules, views, stored procedures, functions etc that means the entire database can be repaired and saved, even deleted items of tables can be recovered if not overwritten. Software repairs XML data types as well if their variables and columns are created on SQL Server by users. It can repair NDF file data and whole folder containing multiple NDF file database. It has Advance recovery option for those MDF file database which are highly corrupted. It supports SQL Server versions (2000 to 2012) and Windows (95 to 2008) etc.