You too can enjoy the freedom that the binaryTREE system provides. The binaryTREE system is a fully automated Dynamic website management tool. No programation skills are required, the binaryTREE system takes care of everything. Simple and Intuitive, The binaryTREE tools are perfect for the novice and the beginner. Transform your HTML site into a dynamic one with the binaryTREE modules. Unlike anything else on the market, the binaryTREE system installs itself on your website and gives you simple and practical solutions for managing, adding and upgrading automatically your website. The ImageIN lets you take full control of your websites images. Add, remove, change, edit and update any images from your website fast and safely with the ImageIN. No technical knowledge is needed. Fully automated, the ImageIN come's with a intergrated batch image uploader, a image editor, a automated HTML Editor, a manual HTML code editor, a backup manager, a intergrated system update module, and much more... Basically, the ImageIN come's with all the tools needed to do the work right the first time. Intergrated Features: * Images transfer and upload * Optimization and image editing * Possibility to add Text to images * Real Time modification of the site * Real Time content administration * Automated backup system * Integrated Update module * Automated FTP Installer