ImpianaSoft Enterprise pleased to offer ImpianaSoft myName 3.0 - The easiest and most powerful software for exploring Muslim baby names - Library and search engine for exploring and creating Muslim baby names and any related information. Among other features ImpianaSoft myName offers: * SEARCH: This feature allows user to do Basic or Advanced Searches for any information related to names, their meanings and genders. For example, with Basic Search with only one click users can quickly find names with certain keywords or find meanings of names. Users can increase the accuracy of the searches by selecting Advanced Search that fine-tunes the keywords. * INTERNET SEARCH: This feature allows user to do just by just clicking once the name of their choice to find information on the Internet about the famous bearers of this name or any other information available on the Internet related to the name. * NAME COMBINATION WIZARD: This feature gives you the freedom to come up with unique and yet meaningful names by combining different names available in ImpianaSoft myName. * VARIANTS: This feature gives you different variants of one name. For example, variants for Amir are such as Ammar, Amr, Amiruddin etc. * FAVORITES: This feature lets you add, edit and organize your favorite names alphabetically in one file with their meanings and genders and easily print them out so you can discuss them with your relatives or friends. Every parent has different name exploration needs. That's why ImpianaSoft has developed more than one option for ImpianaSoft myName users to address different levels of name exploration complexity: * ImpianaSoft myName LITE 3.0 - For parents that need to SEARCH effectively, this consists of Basic and Advance searching feature only. * ImpianaSoft myName 3.0 - For parents that need to EXPLORE effectively. This solution consists of the all the features e.g. Basic and Advance Search, Internet Search, Name Combination Wizard, Favorite Name