Configuration Center is real-time network configuration management software for Telnet SSH and SNMP devices from any vendor that backup configurations, monitor history changes, compare changes and restore configurations of network devices. The Enterprise version supports unlimited network devices. Configuration Center software is designed to save time and reduce configuration errors in distributed administration environment by monitoring and collecting devices configuration from any network location. The software monitoring engine can be operated manually by user request or run automatically on specific dates and times. The software can provides dynamic actions like executing commands or sending specific SNMP trap or email on specific configuration changes. It can also provides reporting, logging and exporting capabilities that can be used for enhanced management of current and historical network devices configuration. Configuration Center key features: Provides real-time network configuration management. Support configuration monitoring of manageable devices from any vendor. Support Telnet SSH and SNMP version 1/2/3 network devices configuration. Enables automatic actions capabilities such as e-mail, SNMP traps and command execution. Enables automatic exporting capabilities to text file or SQL/Access ODBC databases. Provides enhanced statistics and reports including L2 and L3 interfaces options. Provides automatic configuration backup on specific dates and times. Provides historical network configuration management capabilities. Provides configuration changes on any number of devices. Provides network configuration comparison.