ExpPrint allows you to easily view, print, and save listings of files and folders, their properties and tags/metadata. Listings can be viewed in a detailed layout format with a number of properties per row, or in a concise multi-column layout showing just the file name. Detailed listings can be sorted by any property (name, size, type, date, version, etc.), and are highly configurable in both content and style. You can create your own custom settings and save as many as you want. You can create listings containing: * Files and folders that you select in Windows Explorer, including selections from search results * A branch of a folder * Entire disk contents * Most things that you can browse from Windows Explorer including the file system directories, libraries, and many virtual folders * Compressed (ZIP & CAB) file contents Listings can include the following file information: * Name * Size * Type * Modified, Last Accessed, and Created time stamps * Attributes Additionally, many other properties, tags, and metadata for various file types can be listed: * Owner * Version * Hashes using CRC32, MD5, and SHA-1 algorithms. * Tags/metadata for: Audio, Music, Pictures, Videos, and Office documents. For example: Title, Author, Duration, Beats Per Minute, Album Title, Artist, Track Number, Director, Frame Rate, Date Taken, Date Saved, Number of Words, Exposure settings, F-stop, etc. ExpPrint's architecture is based on flexible XML data formats and is customisable by anyone familiar with current web technologies (CSS and XSLT). Additionally, if you have special requirements, custom plug-in viewer extensions can be written in a .NET programming language (C#, Visual Basic, etc.).