The IGEOCODE Canada Postal Code Basic Edition database includes total of 28 data fields which consists of: Postal Code, City, City Old Name, Province Abbreviation, Area Code, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Time Zone, Day Light Saving, Population, Dwelling, Building Name, Street Name, Street Type Code, Street Direction Code, Street Address Sequence Code, Street Address From Number, Street Address Number Suffix From Code, Street Address To Number, Street Address Number Suffix To Code, Suite From Number, Suite To Number, Delivery Mode, Delivery Installation, Station Information, Last Update Date & Obsolete Date. The complete database contains over 1,300,658 precise records. The sample database and the full database are available for download instantly. Once order has been approved, your computer-generated account will be delivered to your email address immediately. Redistribution license is also available for developers to redistribute our database together with commercially-developed applications.