GroBoto creates complex, dynamic, lyrical forms and animation with ease. It combines artistic expression with interactive exploration of an infinite universe of 3D form and motion. Anyone who enjoys fast, fluid 3D imaging and animation will love GroBoto. Ease of use makes GroBoto ideal for artists who aren't steeped in the technical aspects of Digital 3D. Its unparalleled quality-to-speed ratio provides a great workflow for graphics and video professionals who require high resolution, high quality imagery. GroBoto features: ? Intelligent, algorithmic drawing tools called ?Bots? that create unique geometric forms ranging from organic, to abstract, to architectural. Bot behaviors, drawing shapes, and textures are adjustable in real-time. The user can create and save unlimited Bot variations. ? Kinetic Morphing animation system that produces sophisticated, complex, fluid motion automatically (in record time), based on just a few Bot keyframes. ? Real time, intuitive, relational editing of objects with perfect antialiasing, textures, fog, and cast shadows from multiple light sources. Objects can be grouped, reshaped, aligned to the surfaces of other objects ? all in real time at full render quality with cast shadows. ? Perfectly rendered smooth shapes and surfaces at any scale. Except for export, there are no polygons in GroBoto, freeing the user from the demands of polygonal systems. ? Proprietary conformal texture mapping technology creating stunning, artifact free textures with no distortion. Seamless, pattern-less, tiled textures are built from any TIFF file with no need to define UV mapping or projection schemes. ? OBJ export with options for grouping and tessellation. GroBoto?s geometry is procedural, so it can be exported with any desired polygon resolution. ? Optional rendering modes including alpha, depth (Z) alpha, and depth composite alpha. ? Output to TIFF, JPEG, BMP (PC), AVI (PC) and QuickTime (Mac).