Many companies get to know many employees work with a little effort for real tasks, while they spend a lot of energy on surfing Internet in working time. According to American PMI (Projects Management Institute) 2003 report, 75% companies take measures on network surveillance in order to enhance enterprise work efficiency. NetWatcher is such a kind of desktop supervision software, designed for managers and technical people. For more info, please visit NetWatcher Brief Advantages: * Simultaneously supervise Windows screens at numerous remote computers in a central Windows * Get remote URL access, program run and keystroke input instantly * Control and operate numerous remote computers in a central Windows * Supervise computers in groups with password protection from invalid computer supervision * Track and log screen capture, URL access, program run and keystroke input history * Simple log analytical tool and animation playing for a review of all log data * Forbid Floppy drive, CD/DVD drive and USB devices at remote computers to avoid important data leaking * Forbid any applications at remote computers * Disable changing IP address based on permission from NetWatcher Server * Disable installing software * Get comprehensive software and hardware information from remote computers, assisting enterprise asset management * Manage the desktop wallpaper and shortcut of all remote computers in a central point * Periodically email reports of supervision activities to supervisor * Restart, shut down, lock and logoff computer remotely in batch * Prominent security assurance protects NetWatcher Clients from detecting and disabling * Flexible software upgrading by remotely online installation * High system performance and huge capability to supervise tremendous computers * Utilize industrial image compress technology, optimized for low bandwidth * Compatible with Internet and LAN TCP/IP environment