messagingPeople Client software is a tool to send SMS, WAP, MMS any where in the world. Here are some key features of the "messagingPeople Client" software: :: Personalise the Sender ID - Change the sender ID displayed on recipient's mobile when sending SMS, WAP, MMS. Make the message look like it was sent from your mobile phone. This makes messages more personalised. :: Contact Management - Easily add and modify your contacts stored in the Contact Management database. You can even create contact groups that comprises from one or more contacts and groups. This allows you to quickly select your contacts to message. :: Instant Delivery Status Monitoring - Watch the delivery status of your messages being sent in real time. :: Works From Behind Firewalls and Proxies - The messaging client software works from behind firewalls and proxies. If you are behind the proxy then you may be required to log into the proxy to gain Internet access (usually this is just your windows logon details). :: User Friendly Screens - The messaging client software is designed so that it is "User Friendly" and intuitive to use. An online account with messagingPeople is required to use this service. You can create an account at messaging via email is supported (email-2-SMS, email-2-WAP, email-2-MMS) as well as developers API for messaging. Why not visit us at to read more about our products and services. Why not visit us at