With CodeVista, programmers can store and organize snippets of code, whole classes or even complete program installation kits as well as any other type of files together with rich text formatted notes and descriptions, Internet links, whole HTML pages and much more! MVCodeVista is directed at programmers (both casual and professional) and other professionals who can benefit from having a capable and extensible document and code library at their disposal. It can be used in a workgroup as well. With CodeVista you can work with many databases covering different areas. Get yourself organized with CodeVista Library! Features: - Maintain a library of information from an area of your interest in a hierarchical manner. - Store colorized snippets of code for any programming language or languages you use. - Create rich formatted notes for any item and its parts. - Store documents, install kits, executables, zip archives or just about any other type of file and run/open them straight from the library. - Store separate descriptions for each file attached to an item in the library. - Browse the Internet straight from MVCodeVista and save interesting links or files from the web straight under a specified library item. - See instantly what parts an item contains. - Link items from different categories between each other with link descriptions. - Use full text search capability to search the library. - Sort search results. - Bookmark items. - Export and import items or whole branches of your library and exchange it with your friends or colleagues. - Send exported items or their rich text formatted versions by e-mail. - Print your items. - Replicate complete databases and synchronize changes for example between your home and work replicas. - Visually resolve replication conflicts and combine 2 different versions of an item together.