3 ways to speed up your PC The common PC speed up softwares use the following ways to speed up your PC Scan windows registry Free up disk space Clean junk files etc As you know, the effect is very limited. That because those ways are not the most effective way. If your computer's hardware configuration is low.Even if your restore it to be the day of system recently installed,how can it run faster? Different with the common softwares.Speedup Your PC is a new generation of PC speed up tool. with unusual 3 ways can really make your PC faster. Give active processes higher priority The higher priority, the process obtains the more system resources, run faster.Speedup your pc can increase the priority of active processes automatically, reduce the priority of the process of illegal actionautomatically.so that the active software runs more faster then before. Limit CPU usage of special process If any process use to much CPU(for example 90%).other software will run very slowly.or even crashes. when you don't want some process to eat too much CPU.just use this function. This can ensure computer has sufficient CPU resources are available. Intelligent release memory so that the system has sufficient memory available to the active application.