Métamorphose is a batch renamer, a program to rename large sets of files and folders quickly and easily. With its extensive feature set, flexibility and powerful interface, Métamorphose is a profesional's tool. A must-have for those that need to rename many files and/or folders on a regular basis. In addition to general usage renaming, it is very useful for photo and music collections, webmasters, programmers, legal and clerical, etc. Main Features: * Renames files and folders at the same time. * Preview every item to be renamed before comiting changes. * Load all files in directory and in subdirectories (recursive renaming). * Undo renaming operation in case of mistakes. * Rename MP3 files according to their ID3 tags. * Save all program settings to file for later use! * Renaming operations: 1. Prefix 2. Suffix 3. Set file extension. 4. Replacement,modification,or move by: Character,position,or regular expression. 5. Insertion by: Position or every (number) characters. 6. Length modifications (padding,truncating,or both). * Renaming styles: combination of: user text,numbering,id3 tags,date,time. * Modifications: UPPERCASE,lowercase,Capitalize first,Title Style,sWAP cASE,'DoRkIfY' * Move by position,text,or regular expression. * Sequential numbering (enumerating) options: 1. Use integers,alphabetical,or roman numerals 2. Pad with any valid character to any width.(integers only) 3. Control step size,starting number,reset count. * Set date and time manually or get from system.