Invoice-Easy2.1-OOo.sxc The program is an OpenOffice.org1.1.4 Calc-file (a spreadsheet application). is a freeware productivity suite, comparable with MS-Office in look and functionality, available for many OS. The file was developed in order to be able to write the first invoice after only five minutes of setup, regardless to the different types of accounting. The formulas are designed to fit most types of accounting in many countries, which means, that different results are possible in a single cell, but allways according to your special data. As a supplement to this, the macros (action buttons) of the file will make the formats fit to the accounting of every single invoice. Rows and columns, which are not needed will fade out. Besides these optical effects, also every word, which isn´t needed, will be faded out. Customers, who don´t receive rebates or discounts from you, will not even see these words on the invoice, in order not to cause demands. Since everything works automatically and only the necessary data is queried in the setup, it should not bother you, if your billing doesn´t need all the functionality. So, shortly said, you don´t have to change anything in the invoice form, regardless, if your billing uses net prices (e.g. in the USA) or gross prices (which are used in some cases e.g. in european countries), if you must apply different tax rates and/or rebates, if you sell stock items or bill individual services etc. The invoices can be written by automatic data-overdraw from data sheets (addresses and items), by the use of references (simply type in customer-ID, item-# and quantities directly in the invoice), more or less by hand or by a mixture of these methods. The invoice form can easily be translated into other languages (in the data sheet) and can therefore also serve for international transactions or can be applied in non-english-speaking countries. System Requirements:, Version 1.1.4 or higher.