JRFileViewer is a ActiveX control that allows software developers to add a file and drive list to their applications with a couple of lines of code. The Control shows all the files and folders of the Shell's Namespace in a list, exactly as Windows Explorer does. It will work with any development language that allows the user to drop an ActiveX control on the window. FEATURES ----------- -Windows Explorer style file viewer with full icon support. -Auto update. -Virtual folders -History function -Multi column sort function. -Full selected files support like copy, cut, paste, paste as link, rename and so on. -The Control includes a powerfull FileObject, so you can copy, delete, move, print, open. edit and do much more with any file. -comes with detailed demonstration projects in Vb6. This distribution includes the following files: Readme.txt JRFileViewer.ocx The ActiveX Control JRFileViewer.chm Help File DemoVb6 VB6 Demoproject with Source Code