Private Data Manager is a great tool for users to keep private files in encrypted status. It is simple and strong. You do not need extra training to start if you can use Windows. Its features include cutting-edge encrypt algorithms, hide file/folder, compression file, file shredder, smart open/auto save updated file, intelligent logout/close, Windows Explorer style, multiple users/accounts, all file types in one way, all files by one password, usage audit, verify file consistence, archive previous copies. Its core feature is encryption and decryption and it supports multiple users and various file types. It also includs common file management like Windows Explorer. Private Data Manager has implemented special algorithm in encryption and decryption. It is much safer than normal or open source products. In addition, its smart open/auto save updated file feature lets users open or modify an encrypted file directly; its hide feature helps users disappear files or folders from seekers. At its file safe, all files will be encrypted, verified, and archived under settings. It ensures that your private data only belong to you.