Hasha YouTube TV is application built in Adobe Flash technology. It is intented to be used in websites, presentations etc. It replays audio video content of your choice from YouTube. Just create playlist as XML file. Its main advantage is that you have no need to store the video content on your servers and can take advantage of advanced video format converting tools YouTube offers. Application features - three play modes - time, linear, random - change linear and random play mode on the fly - allow/disallow video control buttons (seek, next video) - autostart, choose video you want to be played as first - video content deep linking with SWFaddress allows you send friends URL link of particular item - XML playlist - show/hide the playlist when application starts - define playlist area width - playlist numerical and alphanumerical sorting - allow/disallow viewers to see the playlist - deep linking - each item from playlist has its own URL (Search Engine Optimization) - add your own logo to the content, logo linked to desired URL - web page integration or stand alone destktop application - define URL link to open when video area is clicked - load your own logo into the video content a set URL to open when your logo is clicked - SEO deep linking - each item in the playlist can have its own URL - share the content on Facebook with Facebook share button - settings with flashvars or with xml file - and more Hasha YouTube TV can be used in many ways: 1.have your own Music Web Television 2.create playlist of your favourite documentaries or lectures 3.select any of your favourite YouTube content and share it on your website 4.create your private TV for you bar, restaurant, etc. Hasha YouTube TV is also available as a desktop application.