is a website for creating and sharing audio slideshows. Take your photos and add your voice to describe details not apparent in the picture. Also you can talk in your native language. You can make an audio slideshow for your special project, your vacation, or even to help sell your house. The Slidestory Publisher from is a Windows application which allows you to easily create audio slideshows, publish them with a click of a button to your own space on the Slidestory website, and share them with your friends over the internet. The Slidestory Publisher client application allows you to create photo slideshows narrated by your voice. Simple drag and drop your photos onto the Slidestory Publisher, add a title, description, and some tags, and publish your slidestory with one click of a button to the website. It's that easy. It all starts with the Slidestory Publisher. Download it now from and join the Slidestory community. Features of Slidestory include: - 100% free - publish to the website - mp3 audio creation - dial up friendly - share Slidestory presentations in blogs with blog code - group creation & sharing - unique webspace - International character support (UTF-8) English, Asian, European, Middle East languages included