Memory Database puts all data into the memory. Since most database transactions can be done in the memory without disk access, it can perform 10 to 100 times faster than the traditional database system. Memory Database System let you to create a simple database easily. The demo and full version have the following features: 1) There are three category fields, two date fields, two string fields, two real fields, one Boolean field and one integer field. User can specify which fields to use. If user needs more types, we can tailor-made for them. 2) User can change the display description of each field. 3) User can use Microsoft ActiveX Data Object (ADO) to connect to any kind of database, e.g. Access, Microsoft SQL or Oracle, exchange the database between memory database system and other database systems. 4) Support OLAP on three category and two date dimensions. User can drill down and roll up from any dimension. 5) Embed Web Server, user can use web browser to access the records in this system. 6) Connect to Excel directly, import and export records. 7) Sort the records by any field and print report. 8) Add and remove user to use this system. 9) The background, font colors font size of the list table can be changed. 10) Design their barcode from the database. This system support Code 128, EAN128, Code 93 and Code 39 barcode (Demo version locks the print function). 11) Demo version implements inserting random records to let the user try the program (full version will remove this function). The program is easy to learn and use. The whole program only contains an executable program. User does not need to install and can be executed in any Window OS.