Productivity! is a genuine and rich set of tools intended to greatly simplify routine coding and navigation operations. As a result, it allows significantly greater development productivity. All Productivity! tools are carefully designed and tuned to minimize efforts to invoke and use them so you can enjoy the friendly environment Productivity! offers. With Productivity! you can: * Be aware of any errors in your code and get immediate assistance to resolve them! * Always be on schedule with the help of Task List! * Write bulletproof documentation for your code! * Reuse your favorite code fragments easily! * Write well-composed and easy maintainable code! * Forget about typing your imports! * Discover context and navigate through it! * Use hyperlinks to surf and to get informed! * Forget about annoying dialogs and Wizards while you are coding! * Navigate freely through your classes, methods and fields! * Obtain quick help on classes and methods exactly where and when you need! * Add super interfaces, change super classes in several simple steps! * Override methods and constructors in a couple of clicks! * Add access methods for your fields instantly! * Use your own unique naming standards! The bottom line ? forget that you are using Productivity! - just enjoy your favorite IDE, interesting work and your superior performance!