For commercial n-tier trading systems, large scale trading research and development, to private and non-commercial trading applications, TA-SDK is by far the most powerful and complete cross-platform technical analysis library available for your project. Now you can harness the power and flexibility of programming languages like C++, JAVA, and Visual Basic to analyze stocks and commodities under Windows, UNIX / Linux, Macintosh, FreeBSD and other environments. An easy-to-use TA-SDK macro-wrapper is available for Microsoft Excel, which requires absolutely no programming experience. From simple moving averages, bands, oscillators to advanced artificial intelligence neural network indicators, fuzzy logic candlestick pattern identification and more, TA-SDK has over 60 different powerful indicators included in the 2002 Edition. Features: * Functions to over 60 popular technical indicators, including TA-SDK Power Indicators. * Easy to use from within Microsoft Excel. * Source available in powerful languages such as JAVA, C++ and VB. * Allows for cross-platform trading system development in Windows,UNIX, Linux, Mac and others. * Doesn't require special installations or extra licenses. * Direct API and source code to all popular indicators in existence. * Includes a database API (faster than Access, SQL Server, or MySQL). * Source code allows for easy adaptation to any database connection. * Doesn't require runtimes (excluding ActiveX library). * Very efficient code, small library size, and light footprint. * Maximum records to analyze limited only by free drive space. * Includes Power Indicators: neural nets, fuzzy logic pattern identification and more. * Free technical support for libraries and source code. * Free updates for six months.