If you want to convert map co-ordinates between different systems then DatumPro, with its easy-to-use interface, is the answer. Over 600 datums & 450 grids are provided including all the major systems in the world: WGS84, UTM, TM, NAD, Lambert Conic, OS & Gauss Kruger etc. You can either enter positions directly at the keyboard or from a file. If the system you want is not present you, or we, can add it using the free datum editor. With an accuracy of around 1mm on most conversions DatumPro is the most accurate datum converter around. In tests carried out by the Bermuda Ministry of Works, DatumPro consistently returned an accuracy of better than one mm. One of our customers recently said "DatumPro is the easiest program I've seen for processing multiple points, it's ability to accept file input with user defined format and of virtually unlimited length, and to use the Clipboard to exchange with Excel has made processing easier and faster". Another said "When I needed a program for applying a user defined datum shift with seven parameters, I found everything I needed, and more, in DatumPro". With a world-wide customer base in oil and gas exploration, fisheries, and government land and sea mapping DatumPro has the history and pedigree of a professional package and is suitable for the professional hydrographer, surveyor or cartographer, or for the navigator. For piece of mind we offer a 28 day money back guarantee if purchased online.