Take control of your desktop with Wallpaper Hanger Desktop Designer! Create your own custom wallpapers by easily resizing, cropping and combining your pictures. If you?re tired of having the same desktop wallpaper staring back at you every day, Wallpaper Hanger will change your desktop wallpaper for you on the schedule you choose, with the pictures you want displayed on your desktop. Any jpg, gif, png or bmp pictures can be used, including transparent gifs/pngs. Easy to use, just add your favorite pictures to the Wallpaper Hanger folder and your desktop wallpaper will change on the daily, weekly, monthly, or hourly schedule you?ve chosen. Great for wide-screen monitors. Don?t let your full-screen wallpaper pictures overwhelm your desktop and obscure your icons; create new wallpapers by resizing and cropping your pictures and photos and then combining them with gradient or tiled backgrounds, or other pictures. You can even set the exact position of where you want your picture displayed on your desktop. Also includes a slide show style screen saver with animated picture transitions.