Double Text is a Repeat Text Writer. Text stored in Double Text Library Files can be duplicated endlessly with each new duplication being customized as needed based on user created markers embedded in the text. Repetition of documents is intuitive, quick and accurate. Users are relieved from having to: Re-type the same text over and over, Search to locate the right text to copy and paste, and Correct the inevitable errors that result from finding and replacing. Double Text eliminates re-typing, searching, copying and pasting, and error prone finding and replacing. Here is a partial list of instances where Double Text is an excellent tool for making new copies of often-repeated text. Computer program code Contracts and agreements Forms Form letters and emails Legal documents Project specifications User names and passwords Exam questions Medical transcriptions Web page code Leases and rental agreements Custom catering menus Etc Etc Wherever text is being re-used, do it easily, quickly and accurately with Double Text.