jLiveID, a free library that provides an essential API to allow access to the Windows Live ID service from within Java applications. Windows Live ID (originally known as Microsoft Passport, then as .NET Passport, and then as Microsoft Passport Network) is the identity and authentication service developed and provided by Microsoft?s Windows Live. jLiveID makes it possible for Java developers to create identity-aware applications and online services and offer personalized access to such applications' content to any of the millions potentially registered Windows Live ID users. jLiveID enables authentication (logon) into the Windows Live ID service and subsequent acquisition of Security Token. jLiveID solves this problem by utilizing a Live ID Web Service and exposing it through the jLiveID API that requires no knowledge of SOAP programming from the software developer. Main features of jLiveID are: * Prepares SOAP request according to supplied arguments and calls the Live ID Web Service. * Analyzes SOAP response to obtain major properties of SecurityToken. * Analyzes SOAP fault to obtain error details and compose detailed error message. * 100% Java implementation. No native libraries required. jLiveID can be used by software vendors to: * Add single sign-on functionality into their applications and online services. In which case the binarySecurityToken property of the SecurityToken can be used as a session identifier. * Get Web Services access to various online applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In which case the binarySecurityToken property of the SecurityToken can be used to perform further authentication e.g. to obtain CRMTicket for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.