Looking for a home? Want to know your neighborhood information? Do you know how many sex offenders near you? How much is your monthly payment? HomeWeb is the powerful tool you need. All-in-one to make your home search easy. Save time on home search. HomeWeb is an IE based multi-tabbed-window browser for home search with integrated lots of features to help you search home easy. It includes features which provide some important information and tools related the home, such as: school, community/neighborhood, maps/direction, national sex offender information, mortgage payment calculators. The program allows you to manage the home links which you are interested. You also can directly input the MLS# to search the home information and related information or an address to search the address related information. Once you click the link to view the home from some realty website, HomeWeb will automatically browse all the related information of school, neighborhood, maps/direction and sex offender information. Features 1) Integrated some realty websites:ZipRealty, Realtor, MLSlistings, Home.com 2) Automatically browse the following information: a) School:Elementary, middle and high school information for public, private and charter schools nationwide. b) Community/Neighborhood: age demographics, population & housing info, Finnacial information, Crime information, Weather & Enviroment, etc. c) Maps/Direction d) Sex offender: For CA, information from Megan's Law. For other participating states, infromation from National Sex Offender Public Registry 3) Martgage Calcultors: Let you know how much your monthly payment and the ratio of your payment/incoming 4) Lots of useful website URLs 5) Manage the home links which you are interested 6) Search the home with MLS# from toolbar 7) Search the home related information with an address from toolbar 8) IE based multi-tabbed-window browser, allow you to open many pages at once. 9) Works just like internet explorer